In simple terms please! What is the difference between a 32 bit and a 64 bit computer.?

Answer Think of it like this: Bits simply describes a computers poitential for how fast a computer process's things. 32 bit (which is what you would find on most computers these days) is average while 6... Read More »

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What is trite law in simple terms?

Trite law is a law which is obvious and common place. Don't be put off by that description. The email writer is just "bigging themselves up" and it may or may not be correct. It is not what they th... Read More »

Can someone please explain in simple terms what an ISO image is please?

an ISO is a disk image it can be of a floppy disk, cd, dvd or hard disk or even pen drive if it is used correctly to create a new disk or pen drive the new disk will be exactly the same as the orig... Read More »

Can any1 tell me how much memory I have in simple terms?

thats your hard drive where movies are stored you've given us the speeds of your cpu and the amount of ram you have. to get hard disc space go to my computer and hover your mouse over c: to see how... Read More »

In simple terms what are market trends- and use an example please?

Recent examples of marketing trends are organic foods, natural foods. 'Organic' and 'natural' are marketing buzzwords that businesses use to make people think that their food is somehow better fo... Read More »