In the Film Industry, What is Pre-Production?

Answer When a project moves from development into the pre-production phase, everything is arranged that must be in place before the actual shoot or principle photography begins. In pre-production, casting... Read More »

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What Is the Film Industry?

The film industry is involved in the creation and distribution of films as a product. This industry is a worldwide phenomenon, but some countries have a greater role in production than others. This... Read More »

What jobs are there involving computing in the film industry?

Well, there are a few obvious ones which I can state, there are Animators, I suppose this is a hard job because it looks extremely hard!, you have general editors who edit the film (adding fx, basi... Read More »

How to Start a Film Production Company?

Starting your own film company is an expensive and challenging undertaking. Even a mildly successful film can make it possible for your film company to survive, but you need more than a good script... Read More »

Laptop for FIlm and Tv production University?

" it has better spec" Are you sure?………Your cheap Windows box will not... Read More »