In todays housing market what is the best way to sell 2 properties?

Answer I would say that you should get a reputable realtor. This would cut out the 'crap' that some real estate agents do in order to push a property. You will be able to get the best price if you are tot... Read More »

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With the financial market and housing market starting to look bleak?

Generally speaking, it is better to ride out the stock market storm, as history shows that it will recover, and continue upwards overall. But it depends on which company you hold shares in. There a... Read More »

Does anyone else get annoyed at council/housing *** properties who abuse their property?

it realy irritates me that people have these council properties and do not look after them, they abuse them leave them in a state when there are people out their who actually have some pride in the... Read More »

Can two married people claim housing benefit for two separate properties?

If you are not an MP, check this site…You won't get a fancy house for your ducks though!

Is the housing market going to crash?

I don't expect there will be a crash, but do think prices will fall in the short term.Keep an eye on the areas in which you would like to live as there will be the opportunity to find some good bar... Read More »