In total, how many people are on facebook?

Answer There has been 1 billion active member on Facebook this month, but it is hard to say how many of these which are fake. There may be people which have been offline for a while, those people has not ... Read More »

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Is there any sites to find out the total number of people currently online?

Absolutely impossible! Bit like saying how many grains of sand are there on a beach?

Should my cousin email facebook and tell them that she logged into someones account by total accident its a?

No.Just log out and destroy the password if it bothers you.You cant get in touch with them.They deal with thousands and thousands.

My youtube channel has lost 150,000 views this month off of my total view total, why is this?

According to most blogs and YT info, when/if a channel looses a massive amount of subscribers or views, that indicates that the new YT system has purged your account of (what the system thinks) are... Read More »

Facebook; are the people under your friends list on your profile the people who visit your wall most?

it's based on interaction as explained here