In typing, what is short hand, touch typing and audio typing. very confused!!!?

Answer Short hand is taking notes in a code that you type up in full after.Touch typing is typing without looking at the keyboardAudio typing is listening to a tape of dictation and typing it as you go along

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Msn, does it show the other person you're typing if the cursor is blinking in the typing box?

No it will only show that your typing when you are actually doing something, like typing, pasting, deleting, etc.However if you have MSN Plus installed there is a script you can add which disables ... Read More »

My typing pointer keeps jumping back a few spaces when typing. Its driving me nuts.?

Dirty keyboard or stuck keys.First try cleaning the keyboard with a can of compressed air.(I turn mine upside down and sometimes lightly bang it, but i wouldnt recommend this :))Last resort is to g... Read More »

I am 14 years old and need help. I am very slow at touch typing?

I wouldn't worry about it.Practice makes perfect.

Hello, does anyone know about any type of typing qualification, because i am looking for typing jobs.?

I'm a lawyer but I started out as a legal secretary about four years ago. I didn't have any typing qualifications but went through temp agencies and did their typing tests. My typing speed is good,... Read More »