Increase Windoes XP startup speed?

Answer in run type msconfig and eneter go to startupuntick anything not needed to auto start,restart pc it should be better

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Increase startup speed with Vista?

Start, type into search field msconfig and press enter.Select boot tab, advanced options, number of processors - 3 and maximum memory to highest number. Click on OK and reboot computer.

When I Turn on My Computer, How Do I Speed Up Startup?

There are a few ways you can speed up startup on your computer, depending on the issue that is causing your computer to start slowly. One of the first things you should do is remove old and unused... Read More »

How can I increase my CPU speed?

Sorry mate. Most netbooks are not designed for playing video games. However, there are many tales of people upgrading their netbooks with new hardware, which might improve gaming a good bit, but is... Read More »

How can I increase my typing speed?

Thats excalty what i use 2 do.. but now i dont.. thanks to typing can download this and its all step by step so you shuld be able to get ur to type faster I use Ad-Ware and ToniArts Eas... Read More »