Instagram help please answer?

Answer Get the app TagsForLikes where you can copy and paste popular tags for your picturesDon't put up pictures of yourself all the timeFollow people backSpam people with likes and positive commentsOffer... Read More »

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Instagram question, help please?

This is not a Computer Networking question.

Question about instagram, help please?

No don't think so you can only view it in the size u see

Sailing help needed, please answer if you can help?

I suggest you get "Ocean Cruising On A Budget" by Anne Hammick, from your library, it will give you tons of information (which it seems you need) - this space (and time) don't permit of any kind of... Read More »

Please answer this question, I beg you, please... Best answer gets 10 points! Thank you!?

That should be through in a couple of hours at most. When your Mum makes a large transfer, she may find that she gets an automated call from the bank asking for confirmation that the transaction is... Read More »