Instagram help please answer?

Answer Get the app TagsForLikes where you can copy and paste popular tags for your picturesDon't put up pictures of yourself all the timeFollow people backSpam people with likes and positive commentsOffer... Read More »

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Is pc world open on new years day i need a quick answer 1st answer 10 points?

What colour eyeshadow should i use for brown eyes (please answer, i will choose best answer)?

well since your eyes are brown bright colors WONT look as good.. so what i reccommend is neutral eye shadows maybe a neutral smokey eye, eyeshadow palletes that i reccommend are 'urban decay naked ... Read More »

In a negligence case if it is no answer for an adult defendant to say that he is unsually inexperienced or slow-witted, why is it an answer for a child defedant to say that he is only fifteen?

Same question asked 3 times. you don't give many details to go on, but i would make a guess (and it's only that) that an adult is expected to assume a certain level of competence before undertaking... Read More »

What happens if you answer a survey on the Internet that you have to answer to access content?

Its all scams. targeted at stupid gullible people. YOU NEVER GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING. All your doing is giving your details to spammers at best. If you think I am not right go find out, byall me... Read More »