Install stuff without admisinstrator rights!?

Answer restart pc in safe mode. and become the administrator. simple. good luck

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How to Install a Flash Player Without Administrator Rights?

Adobe Flash Player is an extremely necessary tool when browsing the internet. It enables your web browser to view files encoded in the Flash format, which includes almost anything that is streaming... Read More »

I'm thinking of sellin stuff on EBay, what kind of stuff sells well?

Depends on many factors. What kind of condition the item is in? Is it rare? For example i saw a vintage mid 80's transformer soundwave going for over 15 hundred. Then a current transformer for ... Read More »

How can i get rid of old stuff on my pc when i do a scan it shows up loads of stuff ive already ditched?

Hi,This is easy just go your systems tools folder and run "Disk Cleanup" which will delete all your temp files then Defrag your Hard Drive to get all your free space back again. This will help you.

I'm think of selling stuff on eBay, what lind of stuff sell well?