Intel Core i7-3770K S1155 3.5GHz 8MB (Vs) AMD FX8-8350 Black Edition Vishera 8 Core AM3+ 4.0GHz 16MB 125W?

Answer The Core i7-3770k is a lot better. A lot of people on here are speculating or saying one has as much power as the other. Whatever, only the benchmarks are accurate. AMD fanboys dismiss these benchm... Read More »

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What water coolling would you need for Intel Core i5-3570 3.40GHz?

basically no need for water cooling.. because its not a K wont jump into a high temperature if you stay inside that clock speed. if you go for overclock version i5 3570k, it will consu... Read More »

AMD FX-8350 VS Intel Core i5-3550 FOR GAMING?

You can do a 'benchmark result' search for each, to get the speed and reliability stats.It's probably going to be more of an issue of preference. I am an 'Authorized Microsoft System Builder' who b... Read More »

Buying new laptop: how does "Intel Core 2 Duo" compare with "Intel Pentium Dual-Core" - do we need either?

Intel core 2 duo beats a Intel Pentium Dual core. Core 2 duo are more powerful, but more expensive.

Is a dual core 2.20GHz processor the same as a single core 4.40GHz processor?

no, its not.some software doesnt even take advantage of dual cores.a process can only run on one core at a time.programs that DO take advantage of two cores distribute the workload between the two ... Read More »