Internet 2 , is this the end of the internet as we know it?

Answer Here's a list of counterarguments about what you said internet 2 will mean, in sequence:The Government can already block any sites they want to. China already does this, and the Uk and Us governmen... Read More »

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I would like to know if Internet providers can find out what you connect to the Internet and how. Please reply?

Yes, they can. They can tell what is connected by looking at the individual MAC Address of the device. By using the MAC address they know what the device is as the MAC is unique to each device, it ... Read More »

"internet not responding.. internet restarting" - This happens all the time?

Dear BJ., Seriously speaking, if you get the message "internet not responding.. internet restarting" all the time, it's very highly possible that your computer has already been infected by virus... Read More »

This is an internet business related question. I would like advise marketing my internet site, it's a niche?

10 low cost ways to promote your website1) add your site to as many search engine listings as you can find, ie… 2) make sure you add meta tags to your we... Read More »

My internet explorer and msn cant connect to the internet but firefox and flock work how can i fix it vist?

If you're running a proxy, make sure they're set up to receive a connection through > tools > options > internet settings.Alternatively, make sure they've both been granted access to the internet o... Read More »