Internet become slow since new router?

Answer Assuming the blackout periods are no longer than about a minute then it's actually pretty normal on newer routers. They have to take a while to clear their cache, especially if you use the net a lo... Read More »

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Internet speed- stupid question, but does the internet slow down much if someone is downloading a large file?

If you are in towns and cities and have fibre optics then it shouldn't change, but if me in rural UK overhead wires and no other choices then yes it does slow if someone else is downloading large ... Read More »

Does two computers sharing one wireless router slow down the other?

yes it can as each are competing with each other for bandwidth.

What's the best internet router to buy?

You need to provide us with 1 vital piece of information whether you have cable or ADSL if you are in the UK, as the two types of modem are not interchangeable. Also an idea of how much you need t... Read More »

Why is our internet going so slow?

For slow internet you can check the following. many things can be done to improve system performance. Have a look on this. I believe it will help you.…Ther... Read More »