Internet explorer wont connect?

Answer I am assuming that you have checked to see if her network cards (both wired and wireless) have the proper drivers installed. Depending on what was repaired, they may have replaced the cards and no... Read More »

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Trojan, internet wont connect in safe mode, USB stick wont work?

Since you can boot into safe mode - use system restore to go back to before you removed the trojan then remove it using other methods.If you've got a serious problem try booting from Kaspersky Resc... Read More »

Trojan, internet wont connect in safe mode, USB stick wont work, please help?

If you're unable even to reach your desktop, you'll need to use a working computer to download and burn a file to create a live CD/DVD/flash drive. You then use it to boot your problem computer.Thi... Read More »

My internet explorer and msn cant connect to the internet but firefox and flock work how can i fix it vist?

If you're running a proxy, make sure they're set up to receive a connection through > tools > options > internet settings.Alternatively, make sure they've both been granted access to the internet o... Read More »

My Internet Explorer wont open. What can i do,lol?

ok i would have to know why the system was being restored if it was a virus the action of restore can deal with some of that, by default the restore does not disable any programme and i would say t... Read More »