Internet network issue?

Answer Could be a problem with your router, I would contact your ISP...

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Sky - Internet Speed Issue?

honestly if your not in contract with sky move to virgin cable internet its the fastest in the uk and iv never had a problem with them ps inbox me if you do plan on going to them i can invite you a... Read More »

In the late 1990's internet chatrooms were very popular for people to network over the internet.?

They were shut down by the ISPs and various companies [like MS] because after a few high profile paedophile rings, chat room groomers, stalkers ended up in court. As it all involved children and mi... Read More »

Network and internet connection?

If Tescos supplied that modem/router to you then ask them to change it.It's obvious it has got a fault and people always seem to overlook the obvious!

How do I chose an internet connection network?

I wish you would've clarified a bit more....You're making it a little hard to understand your problem.First, you say you "got straight onto the internet" which makes me think you have internet. On ... Read More »