Internet speed isnt as fast on new computer?

Answer well it depends on the wireless adapter speed and the speed of your wireless router. if your wireless adapter is only 54 mbps. its a little slow try upgrading it to 100 to 150 mbps adapter. if your... Read More »

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Why is my Internet speed so slow on my computer but fast on everything else?

use a good modem.clear garbages from c rive.clean up ram

How fast is you internet speed and is mine any good?

hi tammil, let's get some speed from your computer so the best way we can do this is hit start>settings>control panel hit the internet options icon there delete your history and cookies then go to ... Read More »

How fast is 2041kb/s download in terms of Internet speed?

2041kb/s is generally, if referring to a connection speed, 255kB/s - meaning that one megabyte of information will take about 4 seconds to download. More or less. If 2041kb/s is supposed to refer t... Read More »

Brand new computer has really slow internet speed please help?

The most likely problem is interference to the WiFi signal.Although WiFi channels are numbered 1 - 11 or 1 - 13, each actual WiFi signal takes several channels so only 1, 6 and 11 are usable (or po... Read More »