Internet speed- stupid question, but does the internet slow down much if someone is downloading a large file?

Answer If you are in towns and cities and have fibre optics then it shouldn't change, but if me in rural UK overhead wires and no other choices then yes it does slow if someone else is downloading large ... Read More »

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Can Downloading Pirate Movies Make Your Internet Slow?

You could both be right -- video games can use a lot of data, but it's not uncommon for pirate movie sites to slip trojans and viruses in along with the movies, and of course there's a great deal o... Read More »

Why is my internet speed so slow!?

That is odd. But your problem is likely nothing to do with your laptop. Try resetting your router. Also if your phone can support flash, run a speed test on it. Then compare it to the speed test of... Read More »

Why is the internet speed so slow!?

Any ADSL broadband is *up to 10 Mb/s [or whatever your paying for] because any provider including BT themselves cannot guarantee any speed at anytime.There are too many variables to take into consi... Read More »

Why is my internet speed so slow?

It is slow because all Internet Service providers over subscribe the service. Customers usually keep paying as long as it mostly works. When a customer complains, it will usually cost the customer ... Read More »