Internet suddenly stops working!?

Answer try different broswer

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My internet stops working and goes slow?

Install Google Crome or FireFox. My (e)internet explorer doesn't work either, but all good when i brows using firefox or chrome.

Internet Explorer stops working when I try to open

Download Mozilla Firefox. Since I've been using Vista I've had many problems with Internet Explorer. I tried Firefox in desperation and not only have all my freezes stop but Firefox is much faster.

How seriously would the world be affected if the Internet suddenly stopped working?

People would have to start using their brains again, and they wouldn't like that at all.

What would happen if the internet suddenly collapsed/stopped working?

Nothing at all would happen.Everyone would be sat in front of their computer trying to connect to the Internet so that they could find out what was going on.Oh yeah, and people who work in offices ... Read More »