Internet with no phone line?

Answer Subscribe to 3's new service - via a wireless - usb modem ..…

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Can I get the internet without getting a phone line?

It depends on the city or town you live in.As some have already posted, there is the cellular services that allow you to use your cell phone for basic or high speed internet services, but those are... Read More »

Do you need a phone line to get the internet?

Well if they offer cable modem, that runs thru your cable tv lines, dsl and dial up run thru the phone lines.

How to Get Internet Without a Home Phone Line?

Telephone landlines are quickly becoming a thing of the past for most home users. You no longer need to use a landline to connect to the Internet because there are several other ways to access the ... Read More »

How to Get the Internet Without Having a Cable or Phone Line?

Everyone loves using the Internet, but for people living in certain areas that may not be an easy option. Certain geographical features of the area in which you live may prevent you from getting th... Read More »