Internship or work placement in "IT" for a NON student?

Answer Try asking at the companies that passed on your resume originally - perhaps they will give you more consideration if you are willing to work without pay. And I believe that you can still access ... Read More »

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Claiming/protecting your work whilst learning on internship/placement?

They are not "stealing your work", they paid you to do the work for them, as an employee, so they are legally the "author" of the works you do while employed there. They own the copyright, not you... Read More »

Very high blood pressure for a pre-employment medical for student 1 year internship?

B/P always rises when under pressure. It should be taken 3 times over time to get an accurate result. Hopefully they will take this into consideration.UK

Student on placement year and council tax?

The full council tax bill is charged on a property with 2 adults who are not disregarded for council tax.In the above example you have given us no reason why the professional and the housewife shou... Read More »

Can I claim tax back if i was a student during placement year?

Your student status is irrelevant - if you earned over the personal allowance, you'll pay tax.