Investigating my connection, I found an eastern mans name connected to my computer?

Answer Yeah I think he could be sharing you files possibly!Do you have an passwords on your Wireless network?Is it even a wireless next work?I would recommend you ran a virus check firstly!BEST ANSWER?

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Can´t get my Kindly connected to my new wireless connection? looks you get wrong answer. phone number is get used to, in case ireland eircom, part of network name, not password.if network is managed by somebody else, you have to ask for SSID (name of w... Read More »

How can I make one device connected to the internet have a better connection than another?

You need a router with Quality of Service (QoS) this will allow you to adjust the bandwidth for different applications and machines.

Help, wireless connection says local access only, even when connected through ethernet?

Remove the network name on your laptop it's most likely corrupt very easy follow steps below1.Shut down the router and leave it off2.On your laptop go to the wireless network icon (bottom right of... Read More »

If half you clients are connected to a STP enabled switch and it goes down, do they all lose connection?

Correct.STP - Spanning Tree Protocol - can compensate to some extent for incorrect connections or loops between network segments, but if a client's only connection is to a failed switch, there is n... Read More »