Ipad & Ipod wont work together?

Answer Make sure you have the latest version of itunes.Restart your computer.I have an ipod and an ipad, and they both show up in itunes fine, so there's no conflict with having two devices.

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Ipad & Ipod?

There is some BBC info here on checks to carry out, might be useful... Thanks for your help.

How do I sync notes on my iPod with iPad.?

Check the guide of how to do so... luck!

IPad mini vs iPod touch?

I have a friend with the newest iPad, and I have an iPod Touch 4G. Honestly, there is pretty much no difference. The screen is a little clearer, but like hardly noticeable. And other than that it's... Read More »

Trojan, internet wont connect in safe mode, USB stick wont work?

Since you can boot into safe mode - use system restore to go back to before you removed the trojan then remove it using other methods.If you've got a serious problem try booting from Kaspersky Resc... Read More »