Ipconfig doesn't show dns or dhcp?

Answer Your IP address isn't the public address. No need to colour it in with blue.Dan.

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In MSN it doesnt show what im listening to, how do i get it so that it does?

Based on the assumption that you have version 8.5 of MSN installed, goto where you can type in your own personal message.To the immediate right is a pull down soSelect: Show what I'm list... Read More »

Why doesnt my facebook show who i've become friends with?

Well as far as I know there should be a small rectangle on your wall/timeline just below and to the right of your profile picture. If not try going into account settings by clicking the cog on the ... Read More »

Create a new DHCP scope on a server that already has the DHCP?

If you were using two different subnets then you could have each DHCP service assign a valid range for it's respective subnet. If you are on the same subnet you would only want one DHCP service ass... Read More »

Why when I put a photo cube code in my MySpace page it doesnt show?

it depends on the code they give you - if it's in iframe, then it wont work on myspace