Ipod!!! Help!!! How What to do?

Answer How do you know it was a delivery attempt? They will try again if it was.

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ipod nano 5th or 6th gen help?

Plug iPod in... in iTunes... settings > restore.

Accessing school wifi on ipod help?

WiFi is not the Internet.A router connects two separate networks and manage the traffic between them.In most home network applications the router connects your local group of computers and devices ... Read More »

Help Please - WiFi Issues on iPod Touch?

I'm not too sure of what the issue might be, but have you tried "clearing" your history (or otherwise double clicking the home button and holding an icon as if you're rearranging the home screen)? ... Read More »

IPod touch help please urgent!! Insurance?

hi in the UK as long as you do have accidental damage cover (which you would have paid extra for) or have the iPod touch as a Specified Item (which usually auto includes Accidental damage cover) th... Read More »