Is £1000 too much to pay for a domain name?

Answer Normally yes.But if it is for a specific domain such as google etc then that is not nearly enough.It all depends on the domain and the demand that it would have.

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Branded Website Domain Name vs Keyword Domain Name?

Including relevant and most-searched terms in your domain name sounds like a good idea, but you'll likely lead some of your potential clients to the Moroccanoil official website. This is even inevi... Read More »

How do i reg a domain with my name,and how much does it cost?

Many of the free sites offer an upgrade to premium services that include domain hosting. Some are Angelfire, 20m, Tripod and Yahoo. My site is through Yahoo. They all offer different prices, usuall... Read More »

How much can most domain name sellers get knocked down?

This is an impossible question to answer, as it all depends on the individual person selling the domain (and everyones different).Some people won't budge from the asking price, others will be willi... Read More »

What is domain name and domain name structure?

You own the rights to the domain, its yours on a lease, simple.