Is 12GB a lot...........?

Answer I use between 7 and 9 Gbs a month and I don't stream or do masses of downloading.However if you are going to use it for 3 or 4 hours a day for general surfing and emails then you ahould be alright.... Read More »

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My 4gb ram showing up as only 3.12gb ram, why?

You don't say what operating system you are using, but... To get Windows Vista to recognize 4 GB you must have:1. A chipset that supports at least 8 GB of address space.2. Your CPU must support the... Read More »

Which RAM is better, 12gb at 1600mhz or 6gb at 2000mhz?

No games, not even the latest and greatest high-end titles utilize more than 4gb. So there's no advantage having to 12gb instead of 6gb. Having 12gb would be useful for things like heavy-duty Pho... Read More »

It says that 12gb has been taken up my hard drive. How do i get it back?

These could be restore points. If your computer is working fine, there is no need to keep a huge backlog of restore points - just the most recent one.However it could also be, as other answerer's r... Read More »