Is 2 GB ram good for a computer what game could i drive:D?

Answer no. 2GB is for a normal computer i wouldnt say for gaming...a good ram memory would be like 4gb and there is even some with 8gb ram there might be computer with more. But yeah you computer might pl... Read More »

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Is B.Sc in Computer Science good enough for nailing a job in the game industry ?

First off. No. Absolutely nothing is "enough" to get a job in the game industry if you mean "will guarantee me a job." Getting into the game industry is about skill, and though a degree implies a c... Read More »

How long does it take to become a computer game technical director from a computer game programmer?

I think it's a hard question to answer. It's all relative. It's not an assumption that you can become one. It's like a junior developer asking how soon they can become a senior developer. Well ... Read More »

What happens if i drived my husband'car i have no licence and insurance it is only on his name?

Hopefully they will lock you up for being a total tool.However you will get 6 points for no insurance and points for no license, probably actually a ban in fact(it would kick in if you ever actuall... Read More »

Why do game developers develop games for latest computer hardware when same game can be run on lower hardware?

Latest hardware gives more freedom for developers while developing games. Also they give maximum visual experience while considering the current hardware capabilities. These are the things which ke... Read More »