Is 200mb enough for 5 days ?

Answer I guess your asking is 200 mega bites enough to surf the internet for 5 days. The answer is no. You can not even look at one video you could only listen to 5 songs. Playing games would be out. ... Read More »

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200mbps = 200mb per second?

My modem is DOCSIS 3.0. It has a theoretical top speed of around 343 Mbps. HOWEVER, they are not selling me that much speed. They are selling me 30 Mbps and that is what I get. Just because you... Read More »

How long does it normally take to extract a 200MB file?

This is a very ambiguous question because we do not know anything about your setup or what your actually extracting. You could be in fact extracting a tarball(.tar) or even a gzip file(.tar.gz/.gz)... Read More »

Hey i got a £60 fixed pentaly for speeding, i had 28 days to pay. im 3 days over that 28 days! wt shud i do?

its a bit late to be worryng now,if you had 28 days that's plenty,you broke the law,got caught and now need to pay,dont make the situation worse,learn by your mistakes,none of us are perfect.good l... Read More »

Is it legal/sensible to go to college for 3 days a week and to work 4 days a week. This is all 5-8 hour days.?

Yes, it's necessary for most college students.When I was in school, it wasn't uncommon for me to have 4 hours of classes after a 10 hour work day.