Is 204 followers in 2 days a lot on tumblr?

Answer Yes. Sometimes it takes people weeks even months to get to that amount of followers.

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How can I get followers on tumblr?

ask people stuff. like anything. and tag your posts:) follow!http://inserthegoodefulstuffhere.tumblr.…

How do i get tumblr followers?

Make some of your own GIFs, get on and post as much as you can every day, message people asking for them to check out your blog, and don't post a lot of things that are too personal. Also, a good t... Read More »

How do you get a lot of followers on tumblr?

tag your posts

How to get more followers on Tumblr?

You can try TumQuit, it is basically a "follower trading" tool. It makes you automatically follow others who automatically follow you. Its a great way to get a few followers, check it out:http://tu... Read More »