Is 530 unique visitors to a new website over 10 days good?

Answer For a new blog that is obviously very good and you should aim at increasing it and going up further. This is a good sign for a new upcoming website.

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What makes a good website How can I attract visitors to a website?

Advertising is really the key if it's a commercial website.If not, then advertising isn't really needed.User-friendliness is really important when creating a website. Colours must be tasteful, ther... Read More »

Is this a ridiculously low number of unique visitors?

Depends if your website is aimed at a certain territory (UK, USA, China etc) and who they are trying to reach.For example 7,000 a day for a strictly UK based site isn't too bad at all.7,000 a day f... Read More »

Hey i got a £60 fixed pentaly for speeding, i had 28 days to pay. im 3 days over that 28 days! wt shud i do?

its a bit late to be worryng now,if you had 28 days that's plenty,you broke the law,got caught and now need to pay,dont make the situation worse,learn by your mistakes,none of us are perfect.good l... Read More »

How can I attract visitors to my new website?

To get people to go to your website effectively, you have two options, spend time or spend money.For gaining traffic to your website without cost, you will be looking at some time being spent.Back ... Read More »