Is Anyone Else On Talk Talk For Phone And Broadband?

Answer I am on TalkTalk, I moved when they took over Tiscali.I have had no problems, but I haven't needed support so I can't comment on that. Simply sign on for the lowest contract period, if you don't l... Read More »

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Does anyone else have trouble with talk talk broadband or is it just me it"s sh e?

The main problem with Talk Talk is their first line tech support are rubbish, however their second line are really switched on.problem is it can take hours to get through first line, and they close... Read More »

Talk talk free broadband or not i have been waiting for this for weeks now ,has anyone else had same problem?

A lot of people are experiencing problems with Talk Talk in was on BBC Breakfast every day last week.Seemingly once they set you up and have all the equipmen etc it is still difficult to log on an... Read More »

Has anyone else had talk talk broadband lie to them.?

WHOA....Don't get me started on talk talk....that's all they talk!!! GRRRRR! Had so much bullshit from them, and our Internet and landline were down for 2 months!! Loads of phone cal... Read More »

Does anyone have Talk talk phone and broadband?

I applied for their broadband and calls deal. I never got the broadband, but got the biggest bill EVER for calls, and monthly fees etc. When I queried it, i got a demand from a debt collection comp... Read More »