Is BT a good broadband provider or would I be better off with a different provider?

Answer I changed from BT Broadband because it cost so much and didn't offer the speed other providers were offering.Their service was OK - I wouldn't give them a gold medal or anything though as I get rea... Read More »

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Can anyone recommend a good hi-speed broadband provider.?

tiscali is great i have a home network worked fine with them the tech support is great i highly reccomend also they have a phone service which is really cheap hope this helps !!!

Can anyone recommend a good broadband Internet Service Provider?

Sky if your in United Kingdom. I have been with them for a year and they are brilliant.

Is this a good broadband speed test, as I am thinking of changing provider?

Yes. You can download an mp3 file in 2 secs and a movie in 15-20mins with that speed.

Who is the best broadband provider in the uk?

Go here > and make a choice.If you live in a cabled street I would say go with Virgin. They use fibre optic cable which is the fastest because it uses light frequenc... Read More »