Is Facebook a modern day popularity contest?

Answer I'm very particular. Same thing as you- just because you called me a ***** once while I walked down a hallway in jr. highschool does not mean we are friends :) The people on my FB, are old friends,... Read More »

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Facebook admin contest entry?

i didn't even know they were have a admin contest. thats cool. well i read your questions and answers for the contest. everything looks really good. i don't know how the others look but by looking... Read More »

Why the popularity of 4x4s these days if:?

It`s horses for courses. If you have a legitimate use for a big 4 wheel drive, whether it`s concerned with a hobby or occupation, then you need one, but most 4 wheel drivers have them in case there... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Fast Food's Popularity?

Fast food restaurants are popping up all over the planet, but nowhere are they more a part of the culture than in the U.S., be it a drive-through or sit-down restaurant. While individuals have diff... Read More »

How can i increase my FB page popularity?

By sharing your facebook page with people and asking your friends to advertise. And ignoring smart-asses that comment on questions because they have a very small penis and their wife is probably sl... Read More »

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