Is Facebook a modern day popularity contest?

Answer I'm very particular. Same thing as you- just because you called me a ***** once while I walked down a hallway in jr. highschool does not mean we are friends :) The people on my FB, are old friends,... Read More »

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Facebook admin contest entry?

i didn't even know they were have a admin contest. thats cool. well i read your questions and answers for the contest. everything looks really good. i don't know how the others look but by looking... Read More »

How can i increase my FB page popularity?

By sharing your facebook page with people and asking your friends to advertise. And ignoring smart-asses that comment on questions because they have a very small penis and their wife is probably sl... Read More »

Why the popularity of 4x4s these days if:?

It`s horses for courses. If you have a legitimate use for a big 4 wheel drive, whether it`s concerned with a hobby or occupation, then you need one, but most 4 wheel drivers have them in case there... Read More »

Google images display by popularity?

Google collates and show results based on your previous searches and browsing behaviors to show the most relevant result to you. Thus the ever changing search result.

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