Is Facebook currently down?

Answer not in NZ

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I'm not a facebook stalker but...I'm currently terrified!!?

I've just checked my Facebook profile and I can't see any way to see who else has been looking at it.Don't worry.

What is currently the biggest group on FaceBook?

Six Degrees Of Separation - The Experiment…They currently have 4,823,276 members.

Is Facebook down trying to get into facebook and can not even get the login page tried 3 different pcs?

My brother's been on facebook for the last five minutes... i think its back up... ♥

Im currently working 16hr but want to quit and go to college,i currently recieve WTC,DLA,and carrers allowenc?

Hi there,Firstly, I am note sure why you would be getting D/L/A yourself AND Carer's Allowance. It would be assumed by most that if you are classed as 'Disabled' by way of a Disability then you wou... Read More »