Is Headway in the private or public sector and why?

Answer It's a charity.

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What are the diferences between the public sector and the private sector?

In simple words public sector means everything under direct control of govt. private sector means,it controlled by board of directors. govt only gives the guidelines to private sector..

Private or Public Sector?

Actually I don't think you should be asking private or public sector, you should really be asking if with a Masters degree you should continue scanning papers all day long and adding documents to a... Read More »

Public & private sector businesses - please help!!?

New private investment was needed at Royal Mail because “with the current government deficit the idea there is going to be lots of money sloshing around for capital investment for Royal Mail is a... Read More »

Which is better Public or Private sector working?

Private Sector is better - job secruity, higher wages, respect from supervisors and management, no abuse from the general public, high moralle.I used to work in the Public Sector and it was TERRIBL... Read More »