Is "Incredimail" compatible with Widows 8?

Answer Yes of course

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I have the new incredimail 2, where can i find some new skins apart from the incredimail site?

I have the same question, that's why I'll gve u a star, oping that someone will answer.

I took out a personal loan with lloyds tsb and was told i had to take life insurance with scottish widows,?

Clear mis-selling. There was no requirement to take out life cover. They were just boosting their sales at your expense.Scottish Widows pay commission to Lloyds.

I am thinking of upgrading to widows vista but some people tell me there are problems with it . ?

Don't do it! We got Vista and it's been Hell ever since. Many software programs don't have compatible versions so you won't be able to run them. We had to run my Samsung Media Studio and Kodak Ea... Read More »

With my new pc, which has widows vista. i am finding that most of my old originals don't work, why is this.?

What you will need to do is go to the program vendors website and look for Vista patches.Most of the games you mentioned are older and will probably have some issues with Vista. Also, since they ar... Read More »