Is Leaving the internet on over night good or bad?

Answer I leave mine on always. BUT, if it makes him happy, it won't hurt it to turn it off each night as you think. AND it does save a MINIMAL amount of electricity.These electronic devices even use elect... Read More »

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Leaving the internet on at night?

I leave mine on. It just makes your computer slower...but it never hurts the computer and I dont think it would make your computer catch fire or something. hah : )

Internet: Does leaving many windows open slow down your computer?

yes it does. each open window uses memory. when too much memory is being used the computer will slow down.

How do you say good night with out using the words good night?

I need a good reason for leaving a job?

I hate the job.The job has no advancement.My co-worker is a psychopath.I want to backpack around the world for 10 months."Boss, you're ugly."