Is McDonalds the best fast food ever?

Answer im assuming that the person who asked this question has no concept of what goes into a fast food meal such as mc donalds!!!that you did you would never, ever, ever eat one!!!its really horrible!!fo... Read More »

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Best Fast Food Place: McDonalds vs Taco Bell?

Poll: what's the best fast food place KFC, Mcdonalds or Burger king?

KFC, because at least you know it is a real piece of chicken!

What is the best fast food you ever ate Also what is the worst?

Best would have to be Wendy's, cause they have a big selection there and the food is pretty good. The worse is Burger King...I've only been there once in my life and i've sworn to never go back.

Is McDonalds the worst place to eat ,or are all other fast food places as bad?

I have a word for poor fast food, McDonbuggerkfc - in order to avoid libel suits!These outlets deal in industrialised food, but they are not the only catering operators that are culpable. Take a lo... Read More »