Is McDonalds the best fast food ever?

Answer im assuming that the person who asked this question has no concept of what goes into a fast food meal such as mc donalds!!!that you did you would never, ever, ever eat one!!!its really horrible!!fo... Read More »

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Why do people eat at mcdonalds over other fast food places?

I have no idea, usually I only eat there when it's the only convenient place. But I'd much prefer Burger King, Checkers, or Taco Bell.

McDonalds or KFC or local fast food joint - WHERE do i goooo lol?

McDs. Get a dollar double cheese burger and a dollar spicy chicken sandwhich. Put the spicy chicken sandwhich (the entire thing) between the patties on the double burger. Enjoy the McGangbang, as i... Read More »

What is the leading fast food chain in spain after mcdonalds?

this would be an entirely educated guess.however, living in spain, I notice that most of the macdonalds I walk by are usually practically empty.KFC on the other hand, usually has customers queueing... Read More »

Is McDonalds the worst place to eat ,or are all other fast food places as bad?

I have a word for poor fast food, McDonbuggerkfc - in order to avoid libel suits!These outlets deal in industrialised food, but they are not the only catering operators that are culpable. Take a lo... Read More »