Is SKY BROADBAND any good (Answers from Sky broadband customers would be appreciated) thank you!?

Answer Yes, I have no problems at all, just the odd hiccup when we first installed it. We pay £26 a month for TV, phone, and sky package without films or sports. But you have to pay for calls during the ... Read More »

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Sky broadband I am with BTinternet at the minute but SKY internet is free. Are sky broadband any good?

been with sky over a year no probs rec max for £10 a month download speed 10 to 12 mb day and night plus free wireless router shame its a netgear but works

Is MSN 2011 any good Worth downloading All answers appreciated!?

helloI prefer the 2009 version..2011 is very different, has many bugs and works only with VISTA and windows causes problems when you chat with contacts who are using a previous WLM versionâœ... Read More »

Is this a good reason to walk away from my broadband service?

Your Broadband ISP .Don't give a excuse the use of the word Cra-p.That thing they got to use the user has to subscribe to it It is not shoved down a persons throat to use or else.Where you go on t... Read More »

Would fair use policy for broadband allow me to download movies from torrent sites?

Even if you can, it's still illegal. You're still looking at the possibility of a lawsuit or criminal charges. And since you're engaged in an illegal activity, I seriously doubt that it would fal... Read More »