Is a 10gb internet plan enough per month?

Answer Hi,10GB is abit tight, you could easily get that on a dongle cheaper. I suggest you try and find a better offer, in the UK theres plans for 40GB for under £10.00 a month. The best thing you can do... Read More »

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What does 10GB of internet mean?

First answer: 10GB is the size of what can be "used" before you pay extra. Most videos on youtube are a couple of MB (there are 1000MB in 1GB). Most MP3s files are about 1MB per minute. If it's eno... Read More »

Diet Plan of a 10-Month-Old Baby?

Babies are introduced to solid foods when they are 8 to 10 months old. According to "Eat, Play and Be Healthy," a mother ideally should breastfeed her baby for one year while introducing solid food... Read More »

How to Plan a Once a Month Cooking Session?

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How Did I Use Up All My Internet Gigs Last Month?

Just barely counted and I have used 2.5 gigs this month alone on my phone. It just happens mate/chap/english fellow. If you are playing online then that could be it because it uses a lot of data. I... Read More »