Is a Amd phenom(tm) II X6 1055T processor 2.81 GHz good?

Answer It was "okay" in its time. it's mediocre now.It can't even remotely compare to current i5/i7's. it performs similarly to the AMD FX cpus, despite being clocked lower and older.

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Is the AMD Phenom X6 1055T 2.8ghz AM3 4000MT/S good for gaming?

Id buy it, thats only like 450USD.For the price, you really can't get much better.Put a new graphics card in though.

A good laptop processor is good for multi tasking, does that mean that......?

multitasking is dependant on a variety of things. its only used in processor marketing which is quite redundant.the following affects multitasking:SoftwareA healthy system (programs running as norm... Read More »

Is this a good processor?

The FX-8350 is a very good processor for general computing, you probably heard it was bad from people who build gaming computers. Synthetic benchmarks such as Passmark software (the one used by the... Read More »

Is this processor good?

I would rate it as 7/10 also it depends on the ram memory as well to see the overall performance