Is a Gigabyte larger than a megabyte?

Answer Yes, a gigabyte(GB) is approximately a thousand times larger than a megabyte(GB).1TB = 1024 GB (TB = terrabyte)1GB = 1024 MB1MB = 1024 KB (KB = kilobyte)A floppy holds 1.44MB whilst modern harddriv... Read More »

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Whats bigger, a megabyte or a gigabyte?

A mega bite is what greedy people take when you offer them a bite of your sandwich.A giga bite is what you take when you want to finish it before they ask again.solved & sorted

First megabyte, gigabyte, then terabyte. What are other higher levels of data storage?

How to Burn ISO Files Larger Than 4.7 GB?

If you have a piece of software in ISO format and it's too large to fit on a standard blank DVD, burn the image on a dual-layer disc. ISO images need to be burnt on a single disc in ISO format to b... Read More »

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The goal of the water tower is to store water high in the air, where it has lots of gravitational potential energy. This stored energy can be converted to pressure potential energy or kinetic energ... Read More »