Is anybodys internet down on talk talk?

Answer nope

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Thinking of moving over from BT Broadband & Talk to Talk Talk! Are Talk! Is this a good idea?

When my BT contract came up for renewal, I phoned them and asked what deals they could offer. I got over £4 a month discount on their £18 a month 16 Mbps, 40 GB/month broadband and calls package ... Read More »

I have a 40G internet package with talk talk. does that limit how long i can use the internet for or ..?

I have that package, and we have both pc's on the net all day long usually. One is used for the kids and games, the other my hubby plays americas army on it most of the time. The PC's are usually... Read More »

Is Talk Talk internet and phone any good?

Well, I get about 1.7 Megabytes per second on average via Ethernet on TalkTalk. Most people I know have quite a bit below that. I live on the outskirts of Norwich, Norfolk, England so a relatively ... Read More »

Changing account holder on Talk Talk (previously Tiscali) Phone package?

Surely the electricity and gas are the same - you don't take over someone elses account.The previous person closes their account, and you open a new account at the same address. Well, Hopkirk, with... Read More »