Is anyone else addicted to facebook?

Answer i find facebook addictive only when i'm procrastinating on school work, mainly because i'd much rather continue conversations i'd been having during the day than get down to work. so i guess the s... Read More »

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Im think im addicted to facebook, does anyone know how i can stop or decrease my hours going on facebook?

A couple ways that might work depending on the kind of person you are are:1. Take up a hobby. Join an Art class or a book club, or even start sewing or doing needlepoint.2. Join a team. If you are... Read More »

How can you become a little less addicted to Facebook?

The following has worked for me :1) Delete any games you habitually spend too long (eg 1 hour+) using and find something else you can play for 10-20 minutes then stop. For example, I was addicted... Read More »

Is anyone else as addicted to facebook as me?

I am soooo addicted, especially with some of the applications, although I do need to get on before other 'friends' do so i get to bomb their pirate ship or bite them before they do it to me ;-).btw... Read More »

Are you addicted to facebook?

kinda not too bad's a good way to keep in touch with friends