Is anyone else having problems with O2 mobile phones. Has their network crashed again?

Answer not sure if its gone down again, but i keep loosing my signal for a few seconds then it returns again, its really annoying as it does this all through the day! im going to call them and ask for som... Read More »

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If microwaves are reflected by the door on a microwave oven, how are they able to pass tens of miles from mobile phone transmitters through solid walls and into our mobile phones — JW, Belfast, Northern Ireland?

The door of a microwave oven is carefully designed to reflect microwaves so that they can't escape from the oven. That mesh that you see in the door isn't plastic, it's metal. Metal surfaces reflec... Read More »

Mobile Phones?

Me neither flissy. When you click on PAY Talk it seems to take you back to PAYG. There seems to be something called PAYT simply but that is under their 'monthly' tariffs. Very confusing. I would ve... Read More »

What Are Mobile Wi-Fi® Phones?

Mobile wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi®) phones are phones that use Wi-Fi® to make calls, send short messages via short messaging system (SMS), and use other applications. Wi-Fi® is a very popular wireles... Read More »

What Is 3G on Mobile Phones?

3G is shorthand for the third generation of the mobile telecommunications family of standards. It is designed to offer wider and more advanced services than the previous generations, 1G and 2G.