Is anyone else having trouble getting onto facebook?

Answer AHHHHHHH i just asked this question.yesi amits annoyingit wont load at allthanks!! now i know its not my computer being a bitccch! =]

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Is anyone else having trouble getting on to facebook right now?

Is anybody else having trouble with Facebook.?

Facebook and ask fm boy trouble!!?

just send him a message that says,"heey." thats all.. he sould say,"heey" back to you and then if he does, you should say something like,"whatsup?" or,"wyd" (what you doing)' and he will say what h... Read More »

Is anyone having trouble logging in to facebook?

KC - i've been trying to get into Facebook for about half an hour with no luck...lots of other people on Yahoo can't get in either...i am in south east of england - and seems to be a problem somewh... Read More »