Is anyone having bother with BT Broadband?

Answer no mines is grand ..I have had problems before but it has been an outage from bt ..give them a call i spent the best part of a day trying things one day only to find out that they were down

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Has anyone ever had money with-held from them from pay-pal. I am having bother getting them to free my own?

You might get answers if you post on the eBay bulletin boards.eBay has several programs, one that holds out money for 3 weeks, another that holds out a reserve, and another for 180 days as they shu... Read More »

I'm thinking of having a landline and broadband in my new home,but should I go for BT Broadband with their?

If Both companies have Cable to Home infrastructure then either will provide Fast ADSL services(Depends what services you want,will be the factor in deciding)

Does anyone else have this problem with their Broadband Can anyone help?

if you are using Wi-Fi in close proximity to a cordless phone or base station that operates at 2.4GHz it will drop the call. you will need to upgrade to a 5.8GHz cordless phone.

Insurance, the govenment is bailing out those uninsured! So why bother having it.?

I totally agree with you. I work full time, so 1 week every 4 i work my money goes to the people who cant be ar**d to pay for insurance.Its a joke! They should make it a condition when buying a p... Read More »