Is anyone having trouble getting on farm town on facebook?

Answer I found this..may help to answer ur Q.Farm Town app developer SlashKey’s site is also currently inaccessible, possibly brought down in a virtual stampede of frantic Farm Town users. The discussio... Read More »

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Farm town on facebook?

Yeah a lot of people are having that problem INCLUDING ME !! :-(I have some cotton ready to harvest as well.. I saw something about they'll extend the Ready To Harvest for an extra day.It should be... Read More »

How do You Get Cash on Farm Town?

To get cash on farm town, visit your neighbors and help them out with their farm. In this way you??ll be rewarded. Find for workers that will help harvest your crops, this will help you increase yo... Read More »

How to Make Hills & Mountains on "Farm Town"?

"Farm Town" is a free application on Facebook and Myspace that allows the player to grow vegetables and plants, herd animals and sell items. As players make money and earn experience points, they c... Read More »

What type of laptop do you need to Trouble in Terrorist Town?

HP only offers either the 7670M or 7730M, both are decent graphics cards. The Source engine is so old, practically any card including the integrated graphics could run it.If you do buy an HP, the 7... Read More »