Is being on Facebook the right choice for me?

Answer Hi :) I have had facebook since i was in secondary school and i am now in university. In my personal experience, Facebook is an incredibly bad influence on you if you're taking exams or have to foc... Read More »

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What is your choice facebook myspace or bebo?

I've never tried bebo.I use Facebook & Myspace.Been with Myspace the longest and still quite new to facebook but tending to spend longer on facebook now as Myspace can be so damn slow in comparison... Read More »

What is the reason behind some people's facebook privacy choice?

Probably attention yes, or maybe they are just generally stupid.

Your in leicester square and you have the choice of haagen daz, ben & jerry's or rendezvous whats your choice?

rendezvous, I go there everytime I vist london. They have a million different types of ice-cream/frozen yogurt plus you can buy B&J's or HD from a shop, can't buy that rendezvous goodness from Tesc... Read More »

Help on first car choice?

The Corsa is likely to be the most reliable, but if you are buying an old enough car to be considering a C2 then condition and history are more important than make and model.That being said, a used... Read More »