Is downloading TV Rips from share sites piracy?

Answer Its piracy if you get caught. Else its sweet.

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How to avoid downloading from the wrong (imitation) sites?

Yeah! go to the official websitewww.spybot.comIt's free from there and gen

Whats the chances of being caught downloading from sites like limewire?

They are picking on individuals breaking copyright laws and giving them the choice pay £5,000 or go to court. In court they would have to argue that the industry is making a loss. but CD sales hav... Read More »

Can you all share your good web sites im sick of the same ones . i.e youtube ... funny web sites?

1. Download and install Firefox: Install the StumbleUpon extension:…3. Follow the directions and start 'stumbling'... Read More »

How do i get a video from youtube and save it as my own. if not does ny1 know ny free downloading video sites?

1, Download youtube videos.Go to this website: → paste the url of the Youtube video into the first field→click "Fetch It" → click the link of the result after... Read More »