Is facebook broken ATM?

Answer the server is being fixed. it crashed. You don't know how many people have asked this today.

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Is the facebook broken?

Am on it now.One user is correct about being banned for to much chat,and the account returns when they think so.Having said that my wife couldn't access it and i googled adobe and found an update t... Read More »

Why is facebook broken:L?

Clear your cache and cookies on your browser.If that doesn't work open CMD and type:ipconfig /flushdnsThis should fix it, if it STILL doesn't work it could be Facebook so wait a day.Hope i helped!

Facebook - Broken Link. 10 points to whoever can help me fix it.?

Virgin Media customers can not access some US Sites like facebook. There is an open issue here:…Seems like they will try to resolve it by midnight.Users o... Read More »

Facebook question "Sorry this page is n't available. The link you followed may be broken?