Is facebook good or bad?

Answer Overall I'd say more bad than good because of it's war on privacy but as long as you take care you should be ok.

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What is a good age to get a facebook?

When you are 18 and move away from your friends and family. You are young and see your friends at school five days a week. Facebook really should only be used to talk to friends or family you don't... Read More »

What's so good about Facebook?

I don't like it it's a weird community. My work collegue has constant wars and arguments on fb and goes into moods when someone changes a status.We got by before all these network sites invaded our... Read More »

Good Facebook status's?

Talk about something you did yesterday Or Write a Status about a Quote that you really like There are some Ideas Right there

How good is Facebook for marketing?

Because building a successful online business isn't about using one channel, it's about using multiple internet marketing strategies together. Lately there is so much hype about using Facebook to m... Read More »